Unique Looking FL Studio With Animated Backgrounds!
(Windows Only)


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  • Instant inspiration trigger.
  • Makes your FL Studio unique looking.
  • Works for all versions of FL Studio.
  • Contains 25 custom-made animated backgrounds.

Watch The Backgrounds In Action!

Common Questions

Is it possible to apply dynamic backgrounds to MAC?

It is possible, however, you cannot make HTML files display on MAC. Image Line only allows applying special .txt files to display on the home screen.

Should dynamic backgrounds affect the speed of FL Studio?

It depends. Some dynamic backgrounds might affect the speed of FL Studio. Especially if they’re using Javascript and incredibly long css. However, our backgrounds kit only contains backgrounds that are optimized for FL Studio, and should not affect the speed of FL Studio.

How do I install the backgrounds?

To install dynamic backgrounds simply follow the following steps –

  1. Click “View” (On the top left bar)
  2. Hover “Background” Option
  3. Click “Select dynamic background”
  4. Find & Select the HTML file of the dynamic background
  5. Enjoy