Attention Beatmakers!

Absolutely nothing works better at making beats than nailing these 3 things:

I know what you’re thinking: “That’s it? I already know that you moron!” And look, indeed everyone knows there are no secrets when it comes to making beats. However, some people do it vastly better than others. I explain why in the following video:

Imagine being able to make incredible beats in 3 minutes. NO KIDDING.

Don’t believe me? I get it. Look, I’ve been where you are right now.

You’ve probably tried about 1000 tutorials, secret hacks, sample packs, or magic plugins before, and nothing worked.

And, I truly get how frustrating that is. See, a couple of years ago I was no different.

My name is Itai Haroosh and I started producing music about 8 years ago in my bedroom, with an old laptop and a pair of gaming headphones.

I was desperately searching YouTube for hours to find a way to produce better music.

At first, I thought I just needed to get better equipment, better plugins, or better samples, and after I did, it actually helped a little, but I was still making absolute crappy beats.

*It’s kind of embarrassing but please no judging*

Then, I figured there had to be some SECRET that was being hidden from me.

So, I searched the internet for hours trying to find what it is.

Wanna know what I found? A pile of absolute pieces of SH*T.

All that continued for a while, until I came across an interview of who was one of my other favorite artists at the time, where he said basically 95% of his time goes to finding high-quality samples that also fit each other well, and trying to level them together correctly.

That was when I realized I was constantly chasing the WRONG thing – I was looking for a “secret hack”, or a “magic plugin”, and what I discovered is, that there are no hacks or loopholes.

I realized all those shiny solutions that were focused on which DAW or plugins I should use were actually wasting my time.

What I needed instead is to get the things that actually matter in place, like improving my drum patterns, getting better samples, and knowing how to level, mix & master everything.

So, I decided to do my own research and I’ve worked for countless hours by myself to find out how to level my samples correctly, how to pan everything, what’s a compressor doing, how to use reverb correctly, and what’s actually necessary when mastering.

I actually found out how to do all these things!

The problem was it took me an enormous amount of time since every time I wanted to make a beat I needed to pick samples that fit each other (through trial and error), try to level, pan, and mix them correctly using reference tracks, and then master them while using loudness measurement tools.

So, after a while of doing that, I got sick of it and started to look for a better way. I figured there has to be a way to make beats fast without compromising on their quality.

Now, I think you know where I’m going with this:

I decided to make myself templates that already contain the right samples, and are already mixed & mastered for every type of beat I wanted to make.

Since then I’ve been using them for absolutely every beat that I make. And, now I’m giving them to you.

Who Is This For?

OK, Enough teasing! Watch These Templates In Action!

“What do I get in this deal?”

“Alright, I’m gonna get this asap! Just, what is it going to cost me?”

Well, usually templates like these are sold for 20$-50$ each. Giving us a total value of 100$ at minimum.

However, as I said in the video: you won’t be paying any of that today. We’re now giving these templates for a ridiculously low price.


“What’s the catch? Why are you giving these for such a low price now?”

Ahh, here’s the catch you’ve been looking for: The thing is, usually people get so much value out of these templates that they also decide to get our full “SwitchUp Bundle Pack”.

However, whether you decide to get this bundle as well or not, we’re giving these templates to you at this low price, and there are absolutely no strings attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

These templates were designed to work for any type of loop, and anyone who uses them. So, I can confidently say 100% it will work for you as well.

A shetland pony, a 60-minute deep-tissue massage, and a strawberry milkshake.

Okay, okay… enough of the games I’ll just tell you.

You’ll be getting 5 beat templates for FL Studio (and all the samples that come with them). These templates will do two major things to you:

First, they’ll allow you to produce hit-level, absolute banger beats that have the right samples, are well mixed, and mastered, without any effort on your side.

Then, they’ll take your production speed and just slash it to pieces. Instead of making a beat in 1 hour, you’ll be able to do it in 15 MINUTES (OR LESS).

Well, firstly…

It’s not some thinly veiled “sales pitch” for some other product I have to sell (*cough* ram down your throat).

And it’s most certainly not some thin 1-hour work shitty template that sucks harder than a Dyson.

I’m a strong believer in the sentence: “The more you give, the more you get”.

And since I want to get these templates to a ton of people, I’m giving you a ton of value in them.

(some say too much *throat-punch whoever said that, would ya?)

But seriously…

I guarantee these will be game-changers for you.

Currently, we only offer these templates for FL Studio. However, we’re working hard to make them available for you other DAW users out there. Hang tight. It’s coming soon.

“Is It Worth The Money?!”

I 100% Guarantee – if this isn’t worth every dime of your money, I’ll give you a full refund.

Look, I’m so incredibly sure that these templates are going to be absolute game-changers for you, that I’m willing to guarantee you a full refund if you’re not 120% happy and satisfied with them. (Yes, even though we’re giving these for a ridiculously low price).

Just login to your account and press refund in case you’re not sure it was worth your money.


YouTube is a huge source of information, but it’s also full of USELESS, TIME WASTING CONTENT.

At first, Youtube may seem like the best way ever created to learn beat-making. It has such an enormous amount of content buried in it, that it must have everything you’d need right!?

Well, the problem is Youtube is based on getting you to watch as much content as possible, and while that is great for YouTube’s ad revenue, it isn’t so great for us producers.

What gets promoted is what people want, and NO ONE wants to hear how to be great at the “boring” stuff like leveling or working with a limiter.

People want to hear about the “secret shiny hack” or this “new magic plugin”.

So, what you’re left with is a pile of useless information that actually gets you further away from your actual goal: making better beats.

TO BE CLEAR: I don’t blame either YouTube or the awesome YouTubers who dedicate their time to helping the music production community. They’re both just doing what works for getting views – which is completely understandable.

Start making absolute bangers right now!

Take advantage of this crazy sale and get these templates instantly after you click the button. We take all the risks.